NRA Cars for Freedom

Stand with the NRA Foundation and support the Second Amendment by donating your unneeded car or vehicle to NRA Cars For Freedom

Help defend freedom in a tax-deductible way.

To preserve our precious freedoms, we must continue to provide funding to essential firearm-related programs of the NRA and other organizations that defend and foster the Second Amendment rights of all law-abiding Americans.

Benefits of Donating a Car or Vehicle

  1. We’ll pick them up for free, making donating your vehicle fast, easy and completely stress-free
  2. Donations to The NRA Foundation will help provide training and other vital resources to support our efforts.
  3. Donations are tax-deductible because The NRA Foundation and CARS are 501(c)(3) charitable organizations.
  4. Your donation helps fund programs such as youth education, law enforcement training, hunter education, conservation, firearms and marksmanship training and safety, and much more.
  5. Many types of vehicles are accepted including cars, boats, motorcycles, trucks, RVs and even airplanes!

Have a Question About Donating Your Unneeded Car or Vehicle?

Contact us toll-free at 877-NRA-GIVE to donate or to explore other ways in which you can give to support the future of the shooting sports.

More Ways of Giving

Direct or Online Contribution

This is the quickest and easiest way to donate to The NRA Foundation.

Gift of Guns

A gift of personal firearms will provide you with a tax-deduction for the value of the property.

Attend a Friends of NRA Event

There is something for everyone at your local Friends of NRA event.