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Thank you to our Corporate Supporters!

Our corporate supporters continue to play a large role in the success of The NRA Foundation's efforts. We are grateful for the commitment they have made to the future of the shooting sports.

If your company is interested in contributing to America's leading charity in support of the shooting sports, we have a variety of program opportunities available. Review the items below to see which best suits your needs.

Direct Contribution

Many companies have made a commitment to the future by giving directly to The NRA Foundation. This is the fastest, easiest way of making a gift to the Foundation. Special recognition opportunities are available to acknowledge companies that have made a funding commitment to The NRA Foundation.

Round-Up and Add-A-Buck Programs: Shooting for the Future

If your company retails product online or through mail-order, we invite you to join with us in our Shooting for the Future program. Funds are raised by asking your customers to "round up" their purchases to the next highest dollar or to “add a buck” to contribute more to support firearms safety education, wildlife conservation and other firearms-related public service programs via The NRA Foundation. Millions of dollars have been raised in this manner, proving that "a little change can change a lot."

Friends of NRA

Friends of NRA Sponsors

Through the Friends of NRA National Corporate Sponsor Program, companies are able to directly affect millions of Second Amendment enthusiasts through the widely-popular and successful fundraising program.

Friends of NRA Industry Supporters

Select companies have joined Friends of NRA by making products available for merchandise packages at approximately 1,100 community-based events each year.

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Payroll Deduction & Workplace Giving

Workplace giving is a vehicle by which you can make it possible for your employees to contribute to The NRA Foundation. Employees can choose to have their contribution deducted from each paycheck — spreading it out in small amounts each pay period — or they could make a tax-deductible donation during a drive your company sponsors. Your company can also participate in a matching gift program, where you would agree to match a percentage of each employee's contribution.


“Thanks to the generous support of like-minded organizations like Dallas Safari Club Foundation, we are able to build the next generation of hunters and shooters through our youth programs. Dallas Safari Club Foundation has been a major supporter of the NRA Youth Hunter Education Challenge for several years, and we are proud to work together in this shared mission.”

—Elizabeth Bush, Managing Director, NRA Recreational Programs & Ranges

“It is with great pride that the Browning Company takes on an additional responsibility to contribute in Mr. Browning’s name towards our firearms heritage through the creation of the John M. Browning Endowment. As part of The NRA Foundation, this endowment benefits the NRA Shooting Sports Camp Program, part of the NRA's Firearms Marksmanship and Training Endowment. Contributions to the endowment will never be spent, but rather invested to ensure a permanent funding for shooting programs into the future.”


“All the folks here at Brownells absolutely believe in the tremendously important work the The NRA Foundation does on behalf of all gun owners.”

—Pete Brownell, President and CEO, Brownells

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Contact us toll-free at 877-NRA-GIVE to donate or to explore other ways in which you can give.

You may also email us at [email protected]

The NRA Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Contributions are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law.  The NRA Foundation Tax ID number is: 52-1710886



Our Donor Bill of Rights was established to assure that philanthropy merits the respect and trust of the general public, and that donors and prospective donors can have full confidence in The NRA Foundation. We declare that all donors have these rights. Further, The NRA Foundation realizes how important privacy is to our donors and has adopted a policy to advise you of your choices regarding the use of your personal information.