Turn Your Treasured Firearms Into a Declaration of Your Values

Learn more about the NRA Firearms For Freedom program.

Antique firearms
Give the Gift of Guns

Firearms once helped secure our rights. Now, you can use them to help sustain our rights.

A gift of personal firearms to The NRA Foundation will not only help support vital programs, but will provide you with a tax deduction for the value of the property. Your valued firearms may either be preserved in the NRA Museums or will generate income for the Foundation by their sale.

It’s a fact: the majority of American adults - nearly two-thirds - do not have an estate plan or will in place. Without a legacy strategy, your firearms will likely end up somewhere other than where you would desire.

Benefits of Contributing Firearms

  1. The continuation of your values, creating a lasting legacy
  2. Development of an endowment with the name of your choice
  3. Establishing a supplemental income stream for your family
  4. Potential membership in the NRA Ring of Freedom and all its associated privileges
  5. Potential display at the world-class National Firearms Museum
  6. Possible tax deduction, and more

To learn more about how you can help preserve our American way of life, visit the NRA Firearms For Freedom website.

Have a Question About Gifting Firearms?

Contact Cliff Burgess at 855-4NRA-FFF for a free consultation.

More Ways of Giving

Direct or Online Contribution

This is the quickest and easiest way to donate to The NRA Foundation.

Round-Up and Add-A-Buck Programs

Support the Foundation when shopping at participating companies.

Attend a Friends of NRA Event

There is something for everyone at your local Friends of NRA event.