Invest in the Future of the Shooting Sports

A gift to endowment provides a permanent source of funding for the Foundation’s programs

The NRA Foundation Endowments

Just as a firmly laid foundation is the basis for any building, a consistent supply of resources is vital to sustaining that building. That’s the role of The NRA Foundation's Endowment — sustaining the foundation in the present while also providing a permanent source of revenue to NRA and other programs that carry, sustain and grow the shooting sports for years to come.

An endowment is a permanent fund that is never touched — only a portion of the interest is used for qualified programs. The balance is reinvested by professional advisors who help ensure the fund's growth, providing a source of income in perpetuity.


Ensuring the Future

for upcoming generations to enjoy the firearms tradition intended by our Founding Fathers.


Multiple Endowment Categories

provide valuable resources to a variety of shooting sports related programs.


Professional Advisors

manage the investment of NRA Foundation endowment funds with Board of Trustees oversight.

General Endowment

Provides support to the educational programs of NRA through gun safety training, hunter education, youth programs, scholarships or other programs.

Competitive Shooting & National Championships Endowment

Helps to ensure continued operation and growth of national- championship level competition, and enhances shooting participation in matches across the nation.

Disabled Shooting Services Endowment

Supports programs promoting hunting and recreational shooting opportunities for Americans with physical disabilities.

Firearms & Marksmanship Training Endowment

Supports educational programs, activities and materials promoting gun safety, marksmanship training, gunsmithing and the shooting sports.

Gun Collecting Endowment

Supports the promotion of gun collecting and the historical, technological and cultural disciplines that gun collecting embraces.

Gun Collectors Leadership Endowment

Supports the promotion, development and growth of educational and public services programs for the gun collecting community.

Gunsmith Training Endowment 

Invests in NRA’s cooperative programs with institutions of higher learning to develop gunsmithing education programs within their curricula, and provides tuition assistance for deserving students who demonstrate a desire to pursue a career in gunsmithing.

Handloading Education Endowment

Invests in programs that teach the basics of rifle, pistol, and/or shotgun ammunition reloading, with an emphasis on equipment, reloading components, and safety.

Hunting & Wildlife Conservation Endowment

Supports programs promoting hunting education, wildlife management, conservation and the development of hunter education materials and skills training at any level.

Law Enforcement Training Endowment

Supports instructors, agencies and programs serving law enforcement personnel through enhancement of professional firearms-related skills, state-of-the-art gun safety and marksmanship training.

Military and Veteran's Affairs Endowment

Supports the growth and betterment of Second Amendment and firearms-related programs that serve military personnel and veterans of the United States of America.

National Firearms Museum Endowment

Supports the programs and activities of the National Firearms Museum—an American treasure, and one of the world’s finest collections of historical firearm.

National School Shield Endowment

Provides funding to enhance the capacity of our nation's schools to identify and address security risks at educational institutions in America.

NRA Hunters Leadership Fund Endowment

Provides support for the enrichment and growth of NRA’s mission to promote and defend hunters and hunting and the future of our hunting heritage.


NRA Voice of Freedom Fund Endowment

Supports public education and communication programs.

Range Facilities and Programs Endowment

Supports programs that further the development of safe, environmentally sound, readily available shooting ranges and programs, as well as education conferences and seminars for range owners and operators.

Scholarships Endowment 

Provides academic support for deserving students who demonstrate a need, aptitude an desire to excel in scholastics, leadership and the shooting sports.

Women’s Leadership Forum Endowment

Provides support to financially develop and sustain critical NRA educational and public service programs supporting the interests and passions of women who care deeply about the Second Amendment.

Women’s Programs Endowment

Supports programs that address the firearms-related needs and interests of women, including safety training, hunter education, recreational shooting and personal safety.

Youth Education Endowment

Supports educational activities for youth, such as firearms safety and marksmanship, hunter education and accident prevention programs.

Named Endowments

A named endowment can be established within an endowment category for a minimum gift of $100,000, subject to certain criteria. This allows a donor and their friends, family, company or institution to leave a lasting legacy for the particular program area in which they have an interest in perpetuating.  Named endowment donors receive an annual report of their named endowment’s fair value and annual distribution from the fund.

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The NRA Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Contributions are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law.  The NRA Foundation Tax ID number is: 52-1710886



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