NRA Online Hunter Education Courses Offered Free with NRA Foundation Support

by Tyler Proksa, Friends of NRA

We live in a day and age where information is right at our fingertips. Whether you’re checking the weather forecast for your next hunt, finding the closest gun shop or just curious about how much a blue whale’s tongue weighs (hint: it’s as much as an elephant!), you can find just about anything via the internet. A major advantage of that accessibility and freedom is the growing opportunity to engage with organizations and communities to develop skills, interests and qualifications through online courses.

Peter Churchbourne, director of NRA Hunter Services, and his team have applied this idea to the hunting community and are developing an exciting new way to encourage a strong future for those traditions—what he says is “the most encompassing and engaging Hunter Education course in the world.”

The NRA Hunter Education program provides an online class that allows you to choose any state and take its hunters education course. You can do this in the comfort of your own home and take the course at your own pace. Take it in one siting or come back and complete parts of it when you have time. The material can also be referred back to if you have any questions or just need a refresher. Best of all, it isn’t just limited to your computer; it is also available on your mobile device.

The concept first took shape in 2015 and coordination began to set up individual states’ courses. To facilitate the expansion of the program, the course can be tailored to each state’s specific rules and regulations with no extra cost to them. Currently three states have fully functional courses available at, ready to train hunters in Connecticut, Florida and Oregon. Soon to follow will be Texas, New Mexico and Arizona, scheduled for release in the near future.

“Hunters are one of the most regulated sportsmen in the U.S.,” Churchbourne notes, “so it makes sense to be as educated as you possibly can.” The course’s comprehensive and clear layout accomplishes that task and is sure to produce some of the safest and most educated generations of hunters thus far. Plus, with interactive modules, audio recordings, videos, diagrams and images, the experience is a visual learner’s dream come true.

Ultimately, the NRA Online Hunter Education Course provides the best method for teaching future hunters lessons they will remember for the rest of their lives. And, unlike other courses, the NRA course is completely free, encouraging new hunters to take the first step and making it easier for seasoned hunters to revisit the material. All there is to do is visit, create an account and begin your education!

To help promote this program and encourage your own state to get involved, contact your local wildlife agency and ask them to implement NRA Hunter Education. Learn more about supporting The NRA Foundation and grants for the NRA Hunter Education course in your state by contacting your local NRA Field Representative.

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