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Section Two

Porcine Aviation Arrives in Illinois: A Review of the New Illinois "Firearm Concealed Carry Act" and Recent Case Law

In December 2012, a 7th Circuit Court of Appeals decision sent Illinois politicians scrambling to enact a concealed carry permit system or face the consequences of unregulated and unrestricted concealed carry. This will be a review of the new Act and of significant rulings recently made by the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals and the Illinois Supreme Court.

Attorney, President/Director of Security & Cilivian Training, SafeShot, Ltd.

Two Fundamental Mistakes in Current Firearms Law and Policy

Policy---Both D.C. v. Heller and McDonald v. Chicago were driven by complaints by black Plaintiffs that municipal gun bans deprived them of a fundamental right to self-defense. Some critics find this odd. I will discuss how the stance of black plaintiffs in these cases is entirely consistent with the black community's longstanding embrace of armed self-defense. My presentation will draw from my forthcoming book, NEGROES AND THE GUN: THE BLACK TRADITION OF ARMS (Prometheus January 2014).

Law --I will discuss the core analytical mistake that lower courts have made in applying Heller and McDonald - i.e. the failure to distinguish between technology prohibition cases and regulatory burden cases. This has lead to the erroneous application of levels of scrutiny analysis (some form of which is essential to deciding burden cases) to litigation over technology prohibitions that should be decided by the straight forward "common use" test set out in Heller.

Professor of Law, Fordham Law School