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Section Two

Civil Rights Actions in Firearms Cases

This presentation will cover various civil actions available for enforcing Second Amendment rights. The focus will be § 1983 actions, but Gervase will spend some time on Bivens actions, the Declaratory Judgment Act, state causes of action, the Federal Tort Claims Act, and attorney's fees using the Equal Access to Justice Act. Gervase will discuss what these actions require, how to avoid common mistakes, and how attorneys can get paid while doing good. Most examples will be firearms law cases.

Assistant General Counsel, National Rifle Association of America

FFL Compliance:  Common Sense and Practical Solutions

A license to engage in a firearms business (manufacturer, importer, distributor, dealer, gunsmith, pawnbroker) comes with many legal duties and responsibilities.  Failure to comply with any of them exposes the licensee to criminal prosecution or loss of the license.  The establishment of common sense compliance systems is worth considering.

Attorney at Law, NRA Board Member