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Section Three

Gun Trusts

This will be a comprehensive discussion of NFA trusts/gun trusts and when these trusts are most useful. The presentation will provide information regarding any new and pending regulations that may affect these trusts and will include drafting tips for essential provisions. Also included will be material on what ATF looks for when reviewing these trusts and what provisions should be included regardless of ATF or state law requirements.

Assistant General Counsel, National Rifle Association of America

State and Federal Firearms Disqualifications, Relief from these Disabilities, and Current Trends

More felonies are being codified at the state and federal level each year. Old felonies (sometimes for crimes that would be misdemeanors under present law) are always being added to Indiana's NCIC and other state criminal databases. More restrictive administrative regulations and their interpretations are also reaching a broader swath of the citizenry and prohibiting them from purchasing, possessing or carrying firearms. In this material, state, federal and regulatory disqualifications are identified, along with potential mainstream and novel courses for relief from these disabilities, including new state remedies (expungement statutes), along with potential constitutional challenges.

Dixon & Ciyou, P.C.