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Section One

Lessons from Abroad: The Slippery Slope of Gun Control

The measures gun control advocates insist Americans need to adopt to have a safer society have been used in other countries where they have led to curtailing not only the right to be armed but other rights including the right to self-defense itself. Is this a necessary sacrifice? And has it made for a safer society?

Patrick Henry Professor of Constitutional Law and the Second Amendment,
George Mason University School of Law

Void Where Verboten: Constitutional Challenges to Firearm Prohibitions

Second Amendment challenges are ongoing in selected jurisdictions regarding three types of firearm prohibitions applicable to law-abiding citizens. First, mere possession of a firearm is banned without compliance with onerous registration requirements. Second, mere possession of firearms pejoratively called "assault weapons," mostly commonly-possessed rifles, are banned outright. Third, the carrying of handguns outside of the home is banned other than as licensed to a select few. How might these challenges be resolved, and will the Supreme Court speak?

Attorney at Law