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Section Five

Self-Defense Laws

This presentation will seek to pierce the confusion around what is popularly referred to as the “Stand-Your-Ground” doctrine within the law of self-defense. “Stand-Your-Ground” became a highly politicized phrase in the aftermath of the George Zimmerman and other high-profile trials.

Today, what should be a relatively straightforward self-defense law policy has become obscured by misinformation and propaganda, and conflated with entirely distinct self-defense law doctrines.

We will pierce this fog to identify what “Stand-Your-Ground” is and what it is not, to recognize the unnecessary suffering and injustice that must follow in the unlikely events efforts to repeal it are successful, and to propose an appropriate strategic response to those calls for its repeal.

Author, The Laws of Self Defense

Firearms Ranges

The presentation will address legal issues related to firearms ranges, including formation and choice of entity, range protection statutes, zoning, liability, nuisance, environmental matters and strategies to avoid adverse claims and litigation.

Deputy General Counsel, National Rifle Association of America