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Sarah Gervase

Sarah GervaseSarah Gervase has been Assistant General Counsel at the National Rifle Association since 2006. She is a graduate of Harvard, where she was a Harvard College Scholar, and Notre Dame Law School. Gervase advises the NRA and NRA Foundation on law enforcement issues, real estate matters, charitable giving, trusts and estates, and contracts. Gervase also drafted the women's amicus briefs on behalf of women state legislators in the D.C. v. Heller and McDonald v. Chicago U.S. Supreme Court cases. Justice Alito cited and quoted her brief in the McDonald plurality opinion.

Sarah also teaches self-defense law at NRA training courses and writes articles for the NRA Law Enforcement Division's quarterly newsletter. She was one of two 2012 recipients of the NRA Executive Vice President's Excellence Award.

Sarah is the proud sister of the head gunsmith at Ray's Sporting Goods in Dallas and a Chief of Police in North Carolina. She enjoys baseball, symphonies, the AR-15, cats, and American history.