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Professor Nicholas J. Johnson

Nicholas J. Johnson is Professor of Law at Fordham University School of Law in New York.  He received his J.D. in 1984 from Harvard Law School and B.S., B.A. in 1981,  from West Virginia University, Magna Cum Laude.  He practiced law with King and Spalding and Morgan Louis and Bockius and was of Counsel to Kirkpatrick and Lockhart.  He was a Principal and General Counsel to Westar Environmental Corporation and Professor of Legal Studies in Business at Franklin and Marshall College. He joined the Fordham Faculty in 1993.  He teaches and has written numerous scholarly articles in the field of Contracts, Uniform Commercial Code, Environmental Law, Legal Process, Gun Regulation and Federalism.  He is author of two books,  Negroes and the Gun:  the black tradition of arms (Prometheus 2014),  Firearms Law and the Second Amendment, Cases and Materials (Aspen 2012) and more than a dozen law review articles on firearms regulation and the Second Amendment. 

His scholarship includes, Firearms Policy and the Black Community: An Assessment of the Modern Orthodoxy, Connecticut Law Review; The Statutory UCC, Catholic Law Review; Rights Versus Duties, History Department Lawyering and the Incoherence of Justice Stevens’ Heller Dissent, Fordham ULJ;  Supply Restrictions at the Margins of Heller and the Abortion Analogue: Stenberg Principles, Assault Weapons, and the Attitudinalist Critique , Hastings Law Journal, Imagining Gun Control in America: Understanding the Remainder Problem, Wake Forest Law Review; Taking this Right Seriously, National Law Journal; Self- Defense? George Mason Journal of Law Economics and Policy;  A Second Amendment Moment: The Constitutional Politics of Gun Rights, Brooklyn Law Review;  Showdown Between Federal Environmental Closure of Firing Ranges and Protective State Legislation, Indiana Law Review; The Boundaries of Extra-compensatory Relief for Abusive Breach of Contract, Connecticut  Law Review; Principles and Passions: The Intersection of Abortion and Gun Rights, Rutgers Law Review; Plenary Power and Constitutional Outcasts:  Federal Power, Critical Race Theory and the Second, Ninth and Tenth Amendments, Ohio State Law Journal; Regulatory Takings and Environmental Regulatory Evolution:  Fordham Environmental Law Review;  Shots Across No Man's Land:  A response to Richard Aborn, Fordham Urban Law Journal; EPCRA'S Collision with Federalism, Indiana Law Review; Beyond the Second Amendment: An Individual Right to Arms Viewed Through the Ninth Amendment.  Rutgers Law Journal; Cracks in the Foundation: Legislative Review of Agency Rule-making, Dickinson Law Review.