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George Parnham, Esq

George Parnham has over thirty-five years experience as a practicing attorney. He is Board Certified in the area of Criminal Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. His practice entails every aspect of the law where citizens find themselves accused of a crime. This firm handles offenses charged by both the State and Federal Court systems, not only within the State of Texas, but out of state jurisdictions as well. The firm's experience ranges from simple to complex litigation.

As defense attorney for some highly visible clients, George Parnham has unintentionally created an equally high profile for himself and his firm. This isn't an altogether comfortable role for the soft-spoken attorney.

"We believe that just as we have enjoyed the benefits of living in our community, and in our Country, we have an obligation to give something in return ... I can't say I ever enjoy facing a phalanx of cameras," Parnham explains. "I do it because the media is often the only way my clients can be heard. Sometimes their stories, and the crimes with which they have been charged, are so painful and complicated that the average person cannot begin to grasp the real issues of the case in the sterile and hyper-controlled environment of the courtroom. Speaking to the media at the end of a long day is sometimes our only hope that the community will understand the real issues involved in my cases. These are important things which affect all of society. My own notoriety is only incidental to the process."

No one would argue that Parnham is totally committed to ensuring that his clients are heard and, to whatever extent possible, understood. In instances where misrepresentation or misstatement about the factual circumstances of an accusation have been, intentionally, or not leaked to the public, it is imperative to "set the record straight" and do whatever can be done to level the playing field of public opinion.

Mr. Parnham initiated the Yates Children Memorial Fund. The Yates Children Memorial Fund (YCMF) is named after Russell and Andrea Yates' children: Noah, John, Paul, Luke and Mary. It was created June, 2002, and sponsored by the Mental Health Association of Greater Houston (MHA Houston) to fund women's mental health education. Knowledge and understanding is the key to prevention. It is our sincere desire that the lives of these children will be forever memorialized through this effort.