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Attorney Andrew F. Branca is an internationally recognized expert in the US laws governing the use of force in self-defense. He began his criminal justice career as an Investigator with the Public Defenders Office in New York, before proceeding to the Hofstra University School of Law. Upon graduation he was admitted to the Bar in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in 1991.

Andrew has for more than 20 years been an NRA Life Member and Instructor, and has been involved in competitive marksmanship since an early age. His interests in the law and firearms melded into the first edition of the seminal book, “The Law of Self Defense: A guide for the armed citizen,” which published in 1997. This was the first authoritative book on self-defense law intended for a lay audience.

In 2013 Andrew published an entirely updated 2nd Edition of “The Law of Self Defense,” including detailed coverage of all 50 states. Today Andrew travels the country giving state-specific self-defense law seminars all over the country, and is a frequent speaker at law school symposia and gun industry events.

Andrew closely covers the many high profile self-defense trials as they occur, frequently live-blogging these at the well-respected law blog, Legal Insurrection. He also does more generalized blogging on self-defense law at his own blog, lawofselfdefense.com.