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The NRA Foundation Grant Program Frequently Asked Questions

How does my organization apply for a grant from the NRA Foundation?

All grant applications must be submitted electronically using the online application system. The portal to the system is available on our website. Applicants will need to complete the application in its entirety, with required supporting documentation, in order to be considered.

My organization has never applied before. How do I create a profile to submit an application?

If your organization has never applied, we strongly encourage that you review the grant program guidelines. Once you have done so, you can click the "new applicant" button on the system login screen. The system will ask for an email address and a password. This will allow you to create a profile. Please note that if you have used your email in the application system previously, you will not be able to create an account using the same email address.

Does my organization have to be a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charity to apply for an NRA Foundation grant?

No, you are not required to be a 501(c)(3) charity to be eligible for an NRA Foundation grant; however you do have to be a registered nonprofit organization with your state if you are NOT a 501(c)(3).

What is the deadline to submit my grant application?

Deadlines vary by state. Please reference the submission information on the main grants page of our website to look up your Field Staff’s contact information and deadline information. If your submission deadline has passed, please contact your state field representative. State Fund Committees are not obliged to review applications submitted after the deadline.

I would like to start a new range in my area that will be a for-profit business. What kinds of grants can I receive from the NRA Foundation?

Unfortunately, the NRA Foundation, Inc. cannot provide any assistance or funding to for-profit business ventures.

My organization is a Limited Liability Company (LLC). Am I eligible to apply for a grant from the NRA Foundation?

No. The NRA Foundation, Inc. cannot provide funding to LLCs.

Can my organization request funding to purchase real property on which to build a new range or facility?

Unfortunately, NRA Foundation grants cannot be used to purchase real property.

My organization is a members-only club. Am I eligible to submit an application?

Grants may be awarded to members-only clubs if the project for which you are requesting funding will benefit the public. Equipment for events and programs must benefit the public in some way. Range improvement projects must also benefit the public, usually via qualifying groups (see letters of support).

Can grant funds be used to compensate for events that have already been held?

No, this is considered to be deficit funding. The Foundation cannot provide funding for events that have been held in the past or for items that have already been purchased. Please reference our application guidelines.

I am an individual seeking grant funding. What kind of grants can I receive from the NRA Foundation?

The NRA Foundation cannot provide grant funding to individuals. If you are seeking scholarship assistance, the National Rifle Association offers a variety of scholarship opportunities. Please see the NRA's website for details.

My organization is not a nonprofit organization, but is a government entity (Police, Public School/University). Am I still eligible?

Yes, as a government entity, your organization is considered to be eligible and may apply for an NRA Foundation grant.

12. What supporting documentation is required to complete the application?

You will need at least five pieces of documentation, with two additional documents that will be required if applicable:

  • W9 Form: An IRS W9 form must be completed, signed and dated
  • Bylaws: also acceptable, code of conduct, code of ethics, SOP, etc.
  • Financial Statement: operating budget, treasurer's report, previous year Form 990 or similar, income and expenditure report, etc.
  • Organization Board: Chain of Command, list of officers, etc.
  • Budget Worksheet: list of requested items from product catalog

Additional Forms that MAY BE required:

  • Articles of Incorporation (if your organization is incorporated)
  • 501(c)(3) Determination letter (if your organization is a 501(c)(3))

Additional documentation for Range Grant Applications:

  • Letters of support (at least three)
  • Proof of Ownership or Lease of property to which improvements are being made

I am affiliated with a Boy Scout Troop, Venture Crew, or Naval Sea Cadet Unit. Is my organization eligible to apply?

Any individual Troop, Crew, or Sea Cadet Unit may not apply directly to the NRA Foundation for grant funding. Organizations such as these are not allowed to accept grant awards according to their national regulations. However, Troops, Crews, and Sea Cadet Units may apply through a sponsoring organization, such as a church or umbrella organization. Sponsoring organizations must meet the NRA Foundation's grant eligibility requirements to receive funding on behalf of your group.

When completing the Grant Contacts section of the application, whose information should I include on the form?

The Grant Contact information should be the primary person who will be directly handling the program for which funding is being requested AND has sufficient computer ability (email, etc) to fulfill requirements and handle communications with the grant department. All communication from the Foundation will come to you electronically, so both primary and secondary contacts should have the ability to do so via email.

Which grant application do I need to complete?

There are two types of NRA Foundation grant applications. The General Grant application is for supplies, equipment, and consumables. These are generally in support of an event, educational program, or similar project. The Range Grant application should be used for requests for permanent improvements to your facility, to include (but not limited to) construction projects, road improvements, berm work, and even permanently installed trap machines (trap machines must be considered to be mobile to qualify under the General Grant guidelines). Note that improvements to your overall facility (clubhouses, etc.) are considered to be range improvements.

I need funding for items that are not in the product catalog. Can I still request those items?

Yes. A properly formatted budget worksheet will have lines labeled "OTHER." You can enter your non-catalog requests in this portion of the budget worksheet, along with the total cost of those items.

I am requesting funds for a range improvement project. The application says I need to provide letters of support. What sort of letters do I need to provide?

Range Grant applications require at least three letters of support from qualifying groups (charitable organizations such as 4-H or Boy Scouts, or government entities such as Law Enforcement). These letters should support the project for which the applying organization is requesting funds and explain how the completion of the project is necessary for the supporting group to continue to benefit from the facility. Support letters should NOT be letters of thanks for past events or programs, but rather be in support of the project for which you are requesting funds. Letters are preferred to be submitted on the supporting organization's letterhead, however if none is available, letters should clearly detail the author’s organization, position within that organization, and his or her duties. Letters from for-profit businesses, individuals, members of the club or applying organization, or otherwise non-qualifying groups ARE NOT sufficient and WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Submission of letters from non-qualifying groups or individuals could result in the delay the review of your application. Failure to demonstrate adequate public benefit of your proposal will result in the denial of your application.

Why won't my documents save?

Be sure to click the "UPLOAD" button after a file has been chosen to save documents. Simply selecting a file from your computer does not save it in the application.

My supporting documentation is more than one page long. I have multiple files to attach. What can I do?

The application only allows each document field to be used once. If you have additional pages, you can utilize the document fields labeled "OTHER DOCUMENTS." You can use these fields for additional pages as much as you can. If you cannot get everything in the fields, we will contact you if the information is not sufficient. DO NOT ATTACH .ZIP FILES TO THE APPLICATION.

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